Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping & How soon will my order ship?

Shipping is $13.90 for Bases and $5.90 for Clamps U.S. Destinations.  If you are looking to order multiple items, please contact us for a better shipping rate.

In most cases, all orders are shipped within 36 hours.  “Please Note” that during various busy periods thought the year, orders could take 1 -3 weeks before they are processed and shipped.

Orders are securely packaged and shipped via USPS Priority Mail for quick delivery to most areas within 2-3 business days.

Shipping on International orders will vary, and so will custom bases that are larger, please contact for quote.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept online orders securely via PayPal.  You can even pay with a major credit card without a PayPal account.

Will my vice fit?

Yes, if your vice shaft is 3/8″ of an inch.

If your vice shaft is a different size, such as 10mm, let us know, we can re-size the clamp to fit your needs at no additional charge.

What are the differences between Compact and Standard Bases?

Compact bases are primarily designed for travel and lighter duty tying, for smaller fly patterns that do not require heavy cranking.  Standard bases are more suitable and stable for heavier tying.  Do not purchase a Compact base if you are tying larger sized fly patterns, for they may be too tipsy.

What are the differences between Standard and Stout Clamps?

The only difference, is the extra collar on the Stout.  This collar allows you to install the clamp without a shim, because the collar will stop the clamp at the surface of your base material making these clamps a little more easier to install.  Also, the collar makes a nice trim edge concealing the 1” hole edge that’s drilled out in your base material.

Why are some Bases priced higher than others?

The stone and marble that’s more desirable, and harder to get is expensive and will be priced higher than other material types that are usually available and less expensive.

Large platform bases are more because of the extra shipping expense, they require expandable foam packing for additional protection, and sometimes they require the larger shipping box which is more costly as well.

Straight cut bases with polished edges are priced higher because of the extra time involved in the polishing procedure.

Are sale priced Bases damaged or considered to be seconds?

No, when certain bases have been in stock for a considerable amount of time, they may go on sale.

Return Policy 

There is a 30 day return policy in which the customer will be responsible to cover the return shipping.  Upon receiving the returned undamaged merchandise, a refund will be issued.  If merchandise arrives damaged in any way,  you will not receive your refund.  So be sure to package up your items very carefully, and insure accordingly.

Are there more photos available?

Absolutely!  We can send more photos or short video clips of our products!